We are BeSuccessful.Law, a multidisciplinary team on a mission to help lawyers become successful.


You reading these lines means that you’ve already observed how the world is changing at an unprecedented speed. Unsurprisingly, these alterations infiltrate all industries. Law is no exception. 

Law schools and even some law firms fail to keep up with these changes and, in doing so, they threaten the prospects of lawyers and students alike to become New Age legal professionals. 


The New Age refutes fragility & stagnation, and it replaces them with resilience & evolution. New Age lawyers are the visionaries who will push the world forward. 


But just how to train your mind to adapt and thrive in these ever-changing times? There is an undoubtedly substantial educational gap to be filled. 


Luckily, we are here for you.

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Our products are diverse and versatile:

  • Successful Lawyering courses, aimed at empowering and inspiring lawyers to embrace a 360-degree perspective of the law;

  • One-on-one mentoring sessions;

  • The Diamond Club that, under the “Success under Pressure” motto, will gather all our Courses and Mentoring graduates under the umbrella of this exclusivist and invaluable network;

  • BeSuccessful.Law Youtube channel, a space of law, tech & business-related content;  

  • Successful Lawyering ebook, which will include the updated & carefully curated content presented throughout our products, and then some more.


  • Successful Lawyering Course Part 1 will be launched on the 15th of November. It will include eight 30-minutes episodes to be posted online twice a week. Successful Lawyering Course Part 2 will be launched soon after.

  • One-on-one Mentoring Sessions upon demand, after filling in a simple form.

  • The Diamond Club membership will be acquired, for a fee, upon graduating from our Courses or participating in mentoring sessions. We will provide the cost and other details shortly. 

  • BeSuccessful.Law Youtube channel,  your go-to source for law, tech & business-related information. 

  • Successful Lawyering ebook will collate all the information presented in our Courses, mentoring sessions, and the

  • BeSuccessful.Law Youtube channel, which will also incorporate answers to the questions and feedback provided by you.

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Our content is for all lawyers ready to do things differently and make a difference.


It is for the ones who are prepared to walk a mile in their clients’ shoes.


It is for bold legal professionals who are not afraid to think differently.


We call them the New Age lawyers. 


A New Age lawyer will not see economic, societal, or technological changes as obstacles but as stepping stones and mere challenges to overcome. They will embrace and thrive through paradigm shifts. They are fearless people who dare look beyond the horizon. 








We are Ana-Maria and Theodora, two lawyers and entrepreneurs on a quest to help visionary lawyers out there achieve professional success. We’ve been down this road before, and we’ve tried many options to stay ahead of the game.


​As you can see, we know how hard it is to build a reliable business in law.


That is why we’ve decided to share our insights and be your guide through this journey. 


Are you ready? 


Meet The Team


Ana-Maria Draganuta Briard

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Ana-Maria is on a mission to support independent lawyers in their professional growth & technology development, and individuals & businesses in having a successful relationship with the legal industry. Tech lawyer and entrepreneur, she owns the startup Avoteca and legallyremote.online, a legal service and remote legal work mentorship.


Theodora Stoica

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Theodora is an ahead of the curve, experienced lawyer and entrepreneur, interested in technology, science, and history, using law-tech-design tools for a visionary 360-degree approach to the legal industry. She has co-founded and is working on multiple legal tech projects (CEE Legal Tech) and deep-tech start-ups (CrowdJar).